7 Best TV Shows About Car Racing

If you like a dizzying drive on magnificent cars, to which an interesting story is attached, view the projects from our list of the best entertaining feature series about racing.

There are not many of them, as movie producers favor reality shows and documentaries. However, the most incredible and exciting adventures are obtained just in the combination of speeds, beautiful cars and exciting fantasies of good scriptwriters.


  • IMDB Rating – 7.7
  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Detective, Adventure
  • Production: USA / 2007
  • Director: Greg Yaitans, Paul A. Edwards, Marita Grabiak
  • Starring: Nathan Fillion, Christine Lehman, Emma Stone, Rochelle Aytes, Taryn Manning, Melanie Lynskey, Marcey Monroe, Riley Smith, Kevin Alejandro, J.D. Pardo

One of the most original drama series of 2007 is “Race,” airing on the FOX television network. It is a story about a group of people who are forcibly drawn into an illegal race across several states. The winner’s grand prize is $32 million dollars, but more than that.

None of them agreed to this rivalry willingly. Alex Tully, for example, had his wife kidnapped and told to report to Key West in time for the start of the competition. He knows he must find a way to beat the other competitors to save his wife, despite the fact that the police consider him the prime suspect. And the race organizers are watching the competitors’ every move.

Unfortunately, the show only ran for 6 episodes before being shut down due to insufficient ratings.

7 Best TV Shows About Car Racing


  • Rating – 7.5
  • Genre: Drama, Sports
  • Production: Russia / 2021
  • Director: Stepan Korshunov
  • Starring: Anatoly Bely, Igor Petrenko, Anton Vasiliev, Makar Zaporozhsky, Linda Lapins, Aristarkh Venes, Nikita Pavlenko, Sergei Shakurov, Angelina Poplavskaya, Ingrid Olerinskaya.

The Russian project tells the fictional story of rally-racing champion Denis Sazonov, but the plot is inspired by the members of the real KAMAZ-master team and includes many real details from the life of this club.

Denis became the youngest world champion 12 years ago, but was expelled from the team because of unsportsmanlike behavior. Now, having suffered many failures in life, he wants to return to KAMAZ-master to devote himself to racing. But nobody needs the former champion anymore, and he gets a job at the club as a simple janitor.

Filming of the series took place at the KAMAZ-master training base in Tatarstan, as well as in many cities where the “Gold of Kagan” highway passes.

7 Best TV Shows About Car Racing

Knight Rider

Knight Rider
  • IMDB Rating – 5.6
  • Genre: Thriller, Detective, Adventure
  • Production: USA / 2008
  • Director: Jay Chandrashekhar, Allen Crocker, Brian Spicer
  • Starring: Justin Bruning, Deanna Russo, Paul Campbell, Smith Cho, Bruce Davison, Sidney Tamia Poitier, Yancy Arias, Joy Neibre, Vanessa Williams, Rick Hoffman.

The thrilling adventures of the KITT racing car with artificial intelligence and its pilot, Michael Knight, an agent of a secret FBI unit. The series is not exactly about racing, but it is the chases and amazing twists and turns on the smart car – in the center of attention.

One day, scientist Charles Greiman’s lab is infiltrated by terrorists who want to find secret codes. When they break into the garage, a black Ford Mustang suddenly drives off on its own. It’s KITT, and his target is Greiman’s daughter, who knows all these codes.

KITT wants to get the girl to safety and to do so he finds a driver, former Army Ranger Mike Tracer. He will have to fight crime together with KITT, change his name and form a powerful team.

This series is a sequel/remake of the 80’s cult “Knight of the Road”. By the way, there is also a spin-off of the original series called “Knights of Justice” that aired in 1997.

7 Best TV Shows About Car Racing

Blood Drive

Blood Drive
  • IMDB Rating – 7.2
  • Genre: Horror, sci-fi, action, thriller, comedy, adventure
  • Production: USA / 2017
  • Director: David Straighton, Mira Menon, Lin Odinga
  • Starring: Alan Ritchson, Christina Ochoa, Thomas Dominic, Marama Corlett, Colin Cunningham, Sean Michael, Darren Kent, Aidan Whitock, Karel Nel, Andrew Hall

A sci-fi dystopia series that thrills all fans of hardcore racing. The action unfolds in a destroyed futuristic America, where a Los Angeles policeman Arthur Bailey is forced to take part in a nightmare race to rescue his kidnapped partner.

The cars in this race run on human blood, and Arthur has a microbomb implanted in his neck, which will go off if he dares to deviate from the route or break the rules. The case is complicated by his partner, a completely psychotic Grace D’Argento, from whom, according to the rules, to get rid of in no way possible …

In 2018, the series was nominated for a Golden Trailer Award for its soundtrack.

7 Best TV Shows About Car Racing


  • IMDB Rating – 6.1
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Drama, Crime
  • Production: UK / 2019
  • Director: Colm McCarthy, Christopher Smith
  • Starring: Phoebe Fox, Andy Osho, Billy Zane, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Malachi Kirby, Guz Khan, Ike Bennett, Jason Torpe, Jesse Romeo, Elijah Rowan

Another racing dystopia on our list is the rating British project “Curfew” from Matthew Reid. The premise of the apocalypse here is an unknown virus, steadily destroying the population of the United Kingdom.

Formed under the pressure of the crisis, the totalitarian government maintains a strict curfew. From evening until morning, no one is allowed to go out on pain of death. But there are those who participate in the deadly and illegal street race at this very time. After overcoming 1000 kilometers, the lucky winner can find a safe haven from the virus.

The series was filmed in the county of Cheshire and on the East Lancashire Road freeway

7 Best TV Shows About Car Racing

The Crew

The Crew
  • IMDB Rating – 6.5
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Production: USA / 2021
  • Director: Andy Fickman
  • Starring: Kevin James, Gillian Mueller, Freddie Stroma, Gary Anthony Williams, Dan Adut, Sarah Styles, Paris Berels, Bruce McGill, Mater Zickel, Jamie Little

The Canadian comedy show from Netflix is the story of Kevin James, a mechanic who has been working for 25 years for the NASCAR racing team owned by Bobby Spencer.

One day Bobby decides to retire, handing over the reins of the club to his daughter Katherine. The Silicon Valley-hardened Stanford graduate makes it clear to the team that she will leave no stone unturned in her father’s archaic management methods. Kevin and his staff desperately try to find a compromise, creating many funny situations.

All interior shoots took place at Gold Coast Studios in Long Island.

7 Best TV Shows About Car Racing

Fast Track

Fast Track
  • IMDB Rating – 6.6
  • Genre: Drama
  • Production: Canada, USA / 1997
  • Directed by: T.J. Scott, Michael Robison, Stefan Skyny
  • Starring: Keith Carradine, Duncan Reger, Brandy Ladford, Gailaine St. Onge, Tristan Rogers, Randy J. Goodwin, Jenny Levine, Michael Koopman, Mark Daniel, Sebastian Spence.

Renowned orthopedic surgeon and former racecar driver Richard Beckett returns to his hometown of Eagle Ridge after many years away, responding to an offer from an old friend, Chris Chandler, to take over as head of medical services at the local race track.

When one of the racers is soon killed on the track, Richard begins to suspect that it was no accident. Meanwhile, Chris’s sister falls in love with him, and the doctor continues his investigation, suddenly realizing he may be the next victim….

The series was nominated for the Golden Reel Awards, which are given out for best sound effects.

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