7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

Science has long developed consistent theories of traveling in space, time, and between worlds using moleholes. However, even to the study of this cosmic phenomenon is still far away, not to mention the control or practical realization. But this does not embarrass sci-fi writers, who use teleportation in their works, which are then filmed movies.

We offer you a list of the best movies and TV series about teleportation at a distance. And who knows, maybe while we are enjoying watching movies, some high-brow scientist is already building a network of teleporters to travel the world without luggage and tickets.

Impulse (serial)

  • IMDB Rating – 7.4
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Drama
  • Production: USA / 2018
  • Director: Mairzi Almas, Alex Kalimnios, Maggie Keeley
  • Starring: Maddie Hasson, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, Craig Arnold, Missi Pyle, Matt Gordon, Callum Keith Rennie, Daniel Maslany, Tanner Stein, Tara Rosling

When 16-year-old Henry Coles was noticed by her school’s most popular guy, basketball team captain Clay Boone, she was almost happy. But soon Clay tried to rape her in his truck. Henry was scared to death… And she woke up in a different place. The truck was half crushed and Clay was paralyzed.

So Henry learns that she can teleport under stress, but she destroys everything in the starting point and has no control over the final destination. She has to master her abilities, learn a lot about her past, and meet people who can help her.

The series is a loose sequel to the 2008 movie “Teleport” and is based on the same “Jumper” series of books by Stephen Gould.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

The Tomorrow People (serial)

The Tomorrow People
  • IMDB Rating – 7.2
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama
  • Production: USA / 2013
  • Director: Dermott Downs, Danny Cannon, Guy Norman Bee
  • Starring: Robbie Amell, Peyton List, Luke Mitchell, Aaron Yu, Mark Pellegrino, Madeleine Mantock, Sarah Clark, Jeffrey Pearce, Simon Merrells, Jacob Cogan
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A sci-fi series set in the future, where, as a result of evolution, some people have “Three T’s” abilities – telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation.

This is quite a rare phenomenon, and such people are hunted by the organization “Ultra”, destroying the hated “mutants”. At the center of the story is young Steven Jameson, who possesses all three “T’s” and in addition is able to stop time. He finds out that his missing father was looking for a safe place for the “Future People”, and his uncle is the head of “Ultra” and invites his nephew to work for him. Steven agrees, but only to infiltrate his uncle’s plans and help other people with superpowers.

The series is based on the 70’s British multi-episode show of the same name.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

Foreign Exchange (series)

Foreign Exchange
  • IMDB Rating – 7.4
  • Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Family
  • Production: Australia, Ireland / 2004
  • Director: James Bogle, Declan Imis
  • Starring: Zachary Garred, Lynn Stiles, Danielle Fox-Clark, Barbara Griffin, Peter Dineen, Kirsty Hillhouse, Greg McNeill, Robert Sheehan, Joel Turner, Chelsea Jones.

An Australian-Irish teen adventure series about two schoolboys from different continents who become friends in the most unusual circumstances. It is a cute situation comedy with great humor and dynamics.

Australian Brett Miller moves with his family to a new house, and in the basement discovers a mysterious portal. Entering it, Brett finds himself in an Irish boarding school for girls, where he meets Hannah O’Flaherty. Hannah helps Brett in this awkward situation and in return takes from him a promise to show her Australia. Thus begins the adventures of friends who travel and try to find out the mystery of the origin of this amazing portal.

The script for the series was created by Australian writer and screenwriter John Rapsey.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

The Fly

The Fly
  • IMDB Rating – 7.6
  • Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Drama
  • Production: USA / 1986
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Worldwide Box Office: $60,629,159
  • Director: David Cronenberg
  • Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Goetz, Joy Bauschel, Leslie Carlson, George Chuvalo, Michael Koopman, David Cronenberg, Carol Lazar, Sean Hewitt.

On the subject of teleportation, it’s impossible not to mention the classic cult horror film, based on a story by Frenchman Georges Langelaan and listed among the five hundred best horror films of all time.

Scientist Seth Brundle’s invention allows objects to be moved instantly between “telepods,” a network of teleportation booths. Living matter is killed during the transfer, but the scientist plans to solve this problem as well. Brandl’s work is documented by a journalist and his mistress Veronica.

After sleepless nights, hard work and experiments, Seth successfully teleports himself, not noticing that a fly has flown into the telepod with him. In the process of transportation, the DNA of man and insect merge, which leads to horrifying consequences.

This film is a remake of an earlier adaptation of Langellan’s work, the 1958 film of the same name.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau
  • IMDB Rating – 7.0
  • Genre: Fantastic, Thriller, Melodrama
  • Production: USA / 2011
  • Budget: $51,000,000
  • Worldwide Box Office: $127,869,379
  • Director: George Nolfi
  • Starring: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, John Slattery, Terence Stamp, Michael Kelly, Anthony Ruivivar, David Bishins, Johnny Chicko, Brian Haley.

George Nolfi’s smart and entertaining sci-fi thriller starring Matthew Damon and Emily Blunt is a love story set against the backdrop of a worldwide conspiracy.

Worried about his career because of dirty rumors, young congressman David Norris falls in love with a charming ballerina Eliza and, inspired by bright feelings, overcomes all obstacles. However, David is unable to reunite with his beloved, who clearly reciprocates his feelings.

But this is not the fault of fate, but the intrigues of a powerful organization, whose members, teleporting from place to place with the help of ordinary doors, interfere in the life of each person to write a story according to their script. David, of course, decides to fight for his love and literally changes the world.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance


  • IMDB Rating – 6.1
  • Genre: Fantastic, Action, Adventure
  • Production: USA, Canada / 2008
  • Budget: $85,000,000
  • Worldwide Box Office: $222,231,186
  • Director: Doug Lyman
  • Starring: Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson, Diane Lane, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rooker, Annasophia Robb, Max Thiriot, Jesse James, Tom Hulce.

David Rice is a teenager from a dysfunctional neighborhood who dreams of escaping from his sadistic father. One day he discovers that he is able to teleport – he falls under the ice and is already saying goodbye to his life, and then finds himself miles away from the scene of the tragedy, in a warm library.

From then on, David’s life changes abruptly. He tries to learn to control his ability and learns of the existence of an ancient, powerful secret organization that tracks down people like him.

The movie is based on Stephen Gould’s books, but differs in many details. “Teleport” won two Saturn Awards for best music and as the best sci-fi movie of the year.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

Bokudake ga inai machi

Bokudake ga inai machi
  • IMDB Rating – 6.4
  • Genre: Thriller, Drama, Detective, Fantasy
  • Production: Japan / 2016
  • Director: Yuichiro Hirakawa
  • Starring: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Kasumi Arimura, Mitsuhiro Oikawa, Yuriko Ishida, Tatta Sugimoto, Rio Suzuki, Tsubasa Nakagawa, Kento Hayashi, Seiji Fukushi, Kanna Mori

This Japanese sci-fi thriller is about a man named Satoru Fujinuma. He draws manga without much success and works in a delivery service. He also has an amazing secret – an ability that he can’t control.

Every now and then Satoru teleports to a place where a tragedy is about to happen, and he can’t leave the scene until the disaster or death is avoided. And his teleportation takes place not only in space, but sometimes in time. One day he finds himself in another place and 18 years in the past, where he has to save his mother’s life.

The picture is based on the manga of the same name by Kei Sambe, on which both the anime series and this live-action movie were created in 2016.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

One and Two

One and Two
  • IMDB Rating – 5.2
  • Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Drama
  • Production: USA / 2015
  • Director: Andrew Droz Palermo
  • Starring: Kiernan Shipka, Timothee Chalamet, Elizabeth Reaser, Grant Bowler, Wendy Ahlstrom, Kyle Bell, Zachary Dylan Brown, Jayson McCardell, Monica Crumpler

Independent American fantasy thriller tells the story of a small religious family with two children living in strict isolation surrounded by nature. The father of the family Daniel is a violent, controlling man. The mother Elizabeth suffers from strange seizures. And the two children, Zach and Eva, are able to teleport short distances, and use this in their games. Daniel believes his wife’s illness is God’s punishment for the children using their unnatural abilities….

The movie premiered at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

Anti Matter

Anti Matter
  • IMDB Rating – 5.7
  • Genre: Horror, sci-fi, detective
  • Production: UK / 2016
  • Budget: £50,000
  • Worldwide Box Office: $22,384
  • Director: Keir Burrows
  • Starring: Yaiza Figueroa, Philippa Carson, Tom Barber-Duffy, Noah Maxwell Clark, James Farrar, Yolanda Vasquez, Casey Lawler, Harry Hayes, Holly Joyce, Julia Saville

An independent indie movie with a sci-fi bent turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The suspenseful, thoughtful and intriguing plot keeps you in suspense, and the performance of little-known actors is beyond praise.

The plot centers on a young Oxford student, Ana, who experiments with creating wormholes to instantly transport solid matter over a distance. Finally, Ana decides to go through the teleporter she has created herself, and after this journey, everything changes. She discovers that she cannot remember much of her past life, her friends seem to want to kill her, and she begins to have strange hallucinations and horrible nightmares that are indistinguishable from reality.

This movie is the feature debut of director Keir Burrows.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance

The Chair to Everywhere

The Chair to Everywhere
  • IMDB Rating – 5.1
  • Genre: Fantasy, Drama
  • Production: UK / 2019
  • Director: Mol Smith
  • Starring: Sean Botha, Polly Tregir, Eloise O’Brien, Samantha Fields, Jennifer Leahy, Sarah Parker, Carmen Silva, Kemal Yildirim

A small and creepy British sci-fi drama about a father and daughter who invented the teleporter. After the death of their wife and mother in a car accident, Graham and Laura decided to rid the world of dangerous cars and developed a device that can move a person any distance.

Except their invention has a couple of problems. The first: the device agrees to move only living matter, i.e. you can’t take anything with you, including clothes or dental crowns. The second problem is more complicated: for teleportation to be successful, a person must be killed, and only then he will appear at the receiving point, alive and well.

Graham embarks on a basic experiment. He strangles his naked daughter and sends her on a journey. But at the other end, an unfamiliar naked woman emerges …

The movie is produced by independent filmmaker Maul Smith, and it is his third feature film.

7 movies and 3 TV series about teleportation over distance
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